Monday, November 25, 2019

Backstage Real Madrid withdrawal from Neymar deal

A Spanish press report revealed on Sunday the reasons for the withdrawal of Real Madrid from the signing of Brazilian Neymar da Silva, star of Paris Saint-Germain, last summer.

According to the newspaper "Mundo Deportivo" Spanish, Real Madrid was close to the conclusion of the deal before the decision of Florentino Perez, the president of the Merengue, the formal withdrawal on 20 August last, and informed the sports director Leonardo of Saint Germain.

She said that Perez was fond of signing Neymar and sees him as an exceptional player, in addition to the deal would have given Barcelona a blow as strong as the transfer of Luis Figo to the "Santiago Bernabeu" in 2000.

Perez decided to withdraw from the deal for several non-sporting reasons, most notably that it was confirmed that there is no way to sign Neymar without paying 200 million euros to PSG.

The Real president had intended to include players such as Luca Modric, Casimiro and Kellor Navas, but that solution was unacceptable.

Perez realized that the signing of Neymar would force the club to raise the maximum salary, because the Brazilian player earns 30 million euros a year, and the chairman of the Merengue believes that this figure is very expensive.

Supporting Florentino's decision, he was worried about Neymar's continuing injuries, as well as being charged in a rape case.

Perez realized that the best choice was to pull out of the deal, and to try in the future with another star is his French colleague Killian Mbappe.

The newspaper revealed that Johnny Calafat, in charge of the Brazilian deals in Real Madrid, was involved in the transfer of Neymar to the Royal.

She explained that Calafat met with Neymar's father in Paris and learned that the player wants to leave Saint-Germain, and ready to sign with Real Madrid, if Merengue officials end the deal with the French club.

Calafat told Neymar's father that the condition for Real Madrid to continue negotiations would not come out and announce his desire to move to Barcelona, ​​so the player remained neutral until the end of last summer Mercato, although the club did not complete the competition with Barca for the deal.


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