Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Mbappe: So I convinced Neymar to stay at Saint-Germain

Mbappe and neymar

Frenchman Killian Mbappe, Paris St Germain striker, has revealed his role in persuading his Brazilian teammate Neymar da Silva to stay in the Princes' Garden this season.

The name Neymar was associated with the return to Barcelona during the last summer transfer period, where he expressed his desire on many occasions to leave St. Germain.

"I was talking to him every day and asking him to stay," Mbappe said in remarks carried by the "le10sport" website.

He added: "I told him, you cannot go away and deprive us of your crazy talent, you must be number 1 in any team, as in Paris, you will not find that in Barcelona."

Killian added: "If I leave now, it will be a huge mess. We have a story to write together here."

And he said, "I told him we could have a great season in Paris Saint-Germain."


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