Friday, December 20, 2019

Mourinho: There is currently no place for Chelsea


Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho confirmed that he is 100% Spurs, before confronting his former club Chelsea in the London derby on Sunday, stressing that "he has no place for previous clubs."

Chelsea will be a guest of Tottenham tomorrow, Sunday, in the Premier League round 18 matches.

Mourinho has previously led Chelsea on two occasions, winning three Premier League titles, the same as the League Cup and once the Federation Cup.

During his second term at Stamford Bridge, Mourinho claimed that he would never coach Tottenham because of his emotional attachment to blues.

At the press conference for the Chelsea match, Mourinho was asked if he could beat his former club Chelsea, and he answered: "Yes, of course I can, maybe others cannot, but I can, for me it is a match like any game."

He added: "I am currently 100% affiliated with Tottenham, as was the case during my work in all the clubs that I trained."

He explained, "There is absolutely no internal place at this time for any previous clubs, I have given everything to all of them."

He continued: "Now they are previous clubs, and I will give everything to my current team Tottenham, so it is very easy to play this match, it will be difficult because of Chelsea's strength, but it is not difficult for me emotionally."

He continued: "Before the match it will be nice to see some old people in Chelsea, and then it will be the same feeling, but during the match there will be no second time to think about others."

He continued: "I will do everything in my power to make Tottenham supporters smile and be happy as I did at Chelsea."


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