Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Valverde: I fear nothing in the El Clásico .. and the absence of Hazard is ineffective


Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde confirmed his team's willingness to fight against El Clásico against the traditional rivals Real Madrid tomorrow, Wednesday, in the postponed match of the tenth round of La Liga.

Valverde said during the press conference that was quoted by the Spanish newspaper "Marca": "Classico is decisive? We are still in the first round, and there are a lot of matches remaining in La Liga, and certainly every team seeks to lead, but regardless of that, there are still many, Barcelona and Real Madrid are equal in such matches. "

He added: "All our focus is on the match only, and the focus in the hotel before the match is a slight change from the team's routine, but it does not matter, we play in our Camp Nou stadium."

He continued: "We are used to the high aspirations of the matches we play, know what is being said, and what worries us most about the match only, anything else we do not think about, and we must do everything we have within 90 minutes."

"The first game was postponed? At the time, I thought it was better to play, and tomorrow too, people can express themselves in one way or another, but we will play."

Asked about the possibility of having a cup of coffee with Zidane, he answered: "Let's see if I will meet him, and before the match it will be difficult for us to meet."

He explained: "The two teams are equal? ​​Two months ago the match was equal, and tomorrow too, we are very equal, even if we are not, it is the same game."

He continued: "In the El Clasico, the matches that we play outside our stadium, we achieve good results, and here at Camp Nou we draw, and Real Madrid usually plays well and enters the games strongly."

On the position of Arthur Melo, he replied: "He did not train yesterday, and we will see whether he will train today, but it will be difficult for him to play tomorrow."

On the political chants that the fans will launch, he commented: "I am not afraid of anything in tomorrow's match, and the fans can freely express themselves as long as there is respect for everyone, and I do not know what will happen, but what we understand is that football unites everyone."

He noted: "Having an extra day of rest before the El Clasico is a small advantage for us, and as was decided in the previous game we had fewer days of Real Madrid, and in such games the players are motivated above everything, and last year we played Wednesday and Saturday, and we presented very good results ".

On monitoring Benzema, he revealed: "He is a player who offers a great season, scores goals, and we will strive to impose surveillance on him."

He continued: "We know that even with the arrival of video technology the controversy will not end, and if the video ruling had alerted the referee to block Pique against Real Sociedad we would have received a penalty, but we cannot change anything now."

Asked about Hazard's absence, he revealed: "We must think of our way of playing, regardless of the names at Real Madrid, and they have many alternatives to replace Hazard, and I don't know what squad their coach will place, and Isco, Bell, Vinicius and Rodrigo can play, but regardless of That is, we have to look at ourselves, not the opponent. "

He continued: "The Clasico is the most difficult? All the Clasico matches are difficult and important, even the Clasico that we played at the end of the Liga and we were champions was difficult, and I only look in front of me on the table and not what is going on around the match."

He concluded: "It is the first classico of Fati, Perez, De Jong and also some Real Madrid players, and this match is of special importance, and we hope to be fine."


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