Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The results of Prince Charles' tests on the misconception of coronaviruses

Charles, Prince of Wales
The results of Prince Charles' tests on the misconception of coronaviruses.

Clarence House is a confirmation from the king of the diagnosis, an important factor in the symptoms and one of the symptoms is "otherwise he stays healthy".

An official statement said: The virus cannot be infected with the virus and can exist if it is a public version.

Prince Charles is the first British King to be infected with the virus. He recently assisted with a dinner and reception on March 12 in London to help relieve wildfires in Australia, as he addressed the room in a Speech.

His wife, the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker Bowles, has a testicular test, but she has no virus.

Prince Charles - an essay on the most important points of the semester, which in place of the participant "Namaste" entitled "The main character is the king of isolation" reasonon of the epidemic.

Prince Charles, still active from his castle, is not the first royal victim of the coronavirus. Last week, it was revealed that the Prince Albert of Monaco test was also positive. The royal family helped with a charity event to help the waters on March 10, as they sat face to face in a narrow meeting room.

Pending interim tests, tests on the way to the SK virus are about to pass Karl Karl Habsburg. Back on request again locally for the disc preferably, noting that it was "bothersome, but I'm fine. It's not the Black Death".

It is not known when Prince Charles was last accompanied by his mother, Queen Elizabeth.

Last week, precautionary measures for the security rates for employees and the rates for March 19 in London for the year 1919 in London for the Easter period. Prince Philip, in poor health in recent years and particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, also joined the kidney in Windsor.

Néfreite A number of events have been canceled in the coming months with which the other members of the royal family have recently participated, and not of the different parts of the garden parties also organized. No decision has yet been made on the 75th Victory Day Award in May, The Recruitment of Colors in June and the State Visit of the Japanese Emperor and Empress.

Europe has become the home of the spread of coronaviruses. University of In the Kingdom more than 8,000 people have received confirmation of coronavirus and 422 people have not received confirmation.


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